Mokosh Cosmetics- let us tell you more about it

Mokosh Cosmetics is a Polish brand that produces unique natural cosmetics, which are recognized by the quality and choice of raw materials, consistency and smell. The Mokosh product formulas are the fruit of the joint work of technologists and cosmetologists, which is why they meet the real needs of customers so well.

The name of the company comes from the Old Slavonic Mokosh, goddess of earth, moisture, abundance and fertility, who in ancient beliefs took care of crops and women. Mokosh uses her gifts to create the recipes of their cosmetics. To produce them only carefully selected, mostly organic raw materials with proven effect are used.

MOKOSH Cosmetics do not contain harmful substances, SLS, PEG or parabens. Mokosh also cares about the environment, uses safe packaging that can be recycled or reused at home. Mokosh cosmetics, as well as the raw materials from which they are made, are not tested on animals.

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