Here you will be able to find carefully selected cosmetics which are made with natural ingredients.
We are a small business, which has its origin in our love to nature, health and beauty.
She Polish woman - He Icelandic man


A polish woman who fell in love in Icelandic landscapes, freedom and enormous space.


An Icelandic man who is fascinated with polish meadows, forests and nature.


Together they make a successful team, where they complement each other. The parents of three lively little ones, who decided to look for simple, healthy and efficient solutions. One of them turned out to be the usage of cosmetics and products based only on natural, high quality components.

Unpredictable, constantly changing Icelandic weather, strong winds, heavy showers can easily damage the skin and hair, that is why they demand special care. In our shop you will find carefully selected products which value has been proven by many customers and what is important all is in affordable prices.