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viscose bamboo/dark purple color

Anwen Dry It Up turban is made of breathable and smooth bamboo viscose. It will become the best friend of every hair-conscious woman. The fabric, specially woven for us, absorbs water perfectly and the elastic loop secures the turban from unfolding. Finally, no more wearing an unflattering towel that slips and unrolls! The smooth, soft turban in deep purple color allows you to take care of your hair easily and comfortably and also looks stylish.


Why do you need Dry It Up turban?

- as a towel substitute to dry the hair out

- to secure the hair after masks and oils application to enhance their effect

- for plopping, if you want to create curls

- to protect the hair during a facial treatment.


How to use Dry It Up turban? Step by step institution

Lean your head forward, put the turban on and tuck your hair inside. Wrap the turban along with your hair, and then place the end of the turban in the elastic loop at the back.

100% bamboo viscose

fabric thickness and weight: 270 g/m2

Turban should be hand washed in 30 degrees Celsius, do not dry in tumble driers.

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